Travel Medicine

If you have a trip planned to go to another country, you should first schedule a consultation with an Infectious Disease Specialist first. During this pre-travel consultation, we will:

  • Evaluate your overall health
  • Discuss your travel itinerary in depth
  • Administer appropriate vaccines to protect you from illnesses found in other countries (hepatitis A, hepatitis B and yellow fever)
  • Identify any potential health risks in your travel destination(s)
  • Prescribe any medications to help prevent certain diseases and alleviate diarrhea if it occurs while traveling
  • Thoroughly educate you about distinctive health and safety concerns regarding your specific travel plans

We will give you advice on how to prepare water and food, protect yourself from insect bites, how to prevent malaria and diarrhea, how to acclimate to high altitudes and how to prevent jet lag, as well. We want to ensure you are thoroughly informed and educated about potential health concerns so you can protect yourself and enjoy your trip without concern.

We may recommend that you schedule a visit to our office after your trip for a routine follow-up examination. This will allow us to test for any infection that you may have acquired on your trip.